Kanye West’s political party will be called what?!

By Bryan Durham - August 31, 2018

Kanye West’s political party will be called what?!

Remember when Kanye West announced that he was planning on running for the US presidency way back in 2015 at the MTV VMAs? Well, in a recent radio interview, he confirmed that he was still interested in running for the big job.

Speaking to DJ Pharris on Chicago’s Power 92 Radio, he said, “Yes, 100% could happen” when asked if he was still “seriously considering”.

And get this, despite being a friend of US President Donald Trump’s, he won’t be a candidate from the Republican Party, but rather float his own independent outfit. And it will be called… wait for it… The Birthday Party. At least that’s what he said was a name he was considering.

But while he was all in support of the President’s economic policies, he added, “I’m going to make sure the medical industry flourishes.”

Ye for President, anyone?



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