Kanye West returns to Twitter, rants about mind control

By Bryan Durham - October 15, 2018

Ye’s back after recently deleting his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Why are we not surprised?

Just last week, Kanye West deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, but yesterday, tweeted a 20-minute video on mind control after unsuccessful prior attempts which were also captioned “mind control”

Watch the video here:

A short gist of what he said, “I just wanna talk about mind control. You know when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do, or if people post something that’s positive on Instagram it gets taken down if it’s not part of a bigger agenda. That’s, like, mind control…That’s the poison that’s happening with social media. I feel like when people try to tell me what to do, they’re touching my brain… If someone tries to tell me what I can do, what I can wear, I feel like they’re touching my brain. Unprogram your minds. Open your heart. Let your conscience be free.”

Okay then.


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