Justin Timberlake ditches ‘Woods’ to sing about a ‘SoulMate’

By Bryan Durham - July 5, 2018

Justin Timberlake ditches ‘Woods’ to sing about a ‘SoulMate’

It’s “beachy”, but is it enough to be a Song Of The Summer?

There are two things (as an artist) that happen when you drastically change your trademark sound. Your fans and friends will lap it up and tell you how much they love it, or they will absolutely loathe it and tell you to your face. We’re pretty sure JT faced the same divisiveness when he put out Man Of The Woods. Now that he’s getting back to his usual sound with the recently released ‘Soulmate’, we’re a bit afraid he might face divided opinions. again.

And it’s very clear that the song is about a one-night stand, given how many times JT repeats “for the night”. He sings in the same seductive tone that won him hearts during the FutureSex/LoveSounds era. The sound here, comes courtesy of frequent Drake collaborator producer Nineteen85 and the lyrics, thanks to another Drake co-writer James Fauntleroy.

‘Summer Starts Now!’ is how JT chooses to open the song, going straight for the charts with a sticky rhythm, tropical vibe and a rather catchy beat. But it is nowhere as close to the kind of songs that are currently vying for a place in everyone’s Song Of Summer lists

Listen to the song here:







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