Justin Mylo: India has an unreal energy!

By Bryan Durham - July 12, 2019

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that 20-somethings have the world rocking to their tunes. Harder still to believe that some of them have been at it for close to half a decade. Dutch DJ Justin Mylo is one such wunderkind, who’s on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS roster.

Mylo accompanied good friend Garrix on tour the last time he was in India. This time around, he got crowds bopping on his own as he performed in Hyderabad a few weeks back. 

We had a short conversation with the guy via email. Excerpts…

Justin Mylo: India has an unreal energy!

How did Emilio Behr become Justin Mylo? 

My full name is Emilio Justin Behr so ‘Justin’ is obvious and ‘Mylo’ pretty much came from Emilio! 

How much has your relationship with Martin Garrix changed from ‘Bouncybob’ to ‘Burn Out’?

Our relationship actually hasn’t changed a bit since the time of Bouncybob. We were best friends then and at the time of Burn Out, we probably were even closer friends!

Justin Mylo: India has an unreal energy!
Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo | INSTAGRAM

You joined Martin on his India tour in December last year. How different do you find India now?

That was my first time in India and honestly, India impressed me so much I always heard good stories from my fellow colleagues, but the actual experience was so insane! The energy is unreal!

Tell us about Not Afraid and how it came to be.

Not Afraid was a pretty special song for me. I did the whole instrumental and then wrote the vocalS with a couple of songwriter. One of them actually just fell in love with someone and that’s what the inspiration was, for the song!

To anyone who hasn’t heard you perform live, explain the Justin Mylo experience?

A Justin Mylo set is energetic and personally, I always love the have a perfect mix between fire club songs and melodic feel-good songs!

Whose music can get you on the dance floor?

My ultimate guilty pleasure that gets me on the dancefloor is definitely any Justin Timberlake song.

You took a dig at Ed Sheeran on your Facebook page. Is there a reason for that? Or are you planning on turning singer-songwriter?

Actually that was just a pretty silly joke but I’m involved in all the songwriting of my songs.

Three tracks you’re listening to.

  • Meduza’s Piece Of Your Heart is the ultimate party song of the moment!
  • Tom Martin’s Slaves. He’s such a talented guy! You should definitely check him out! 
  •  FISHER’s You Little Beauty. I love playing this one live!

The craziest experience you’ve had while on tour.

Honestly that was in India, when we left the venue in Mumbai we had to drive through a crowded area to leave and there were so many people running up to the car trying to get pictures it was just impossible to get through which was such a crazy experience.


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