Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a UFC fight and then, this happened!

By Bandook - June 11, 2019

Literally nobody (in their right minds, obviously) saw this coming. Justin Bieber has proved once again how to stay relevant when you aren’t putting out any music. Or are taking a sabbatical of choice. The singer issued a challenge to action superstar Tom Cruise.

Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a UFC fight and then, this happened!

Throwing his gauntlet into the octagon (what the ‘ring’ or fighting area is called in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC), JB coaxes Tom to take up the challenge adding that if he didn’t accept the offer, he would ‘never live it down’.

The internet did completely lose their control to this and the tweet went viral to an extent that UFC champion Conor McGregor announced that his company would host the fight if UFC boss Dana White did not.

McGregor also appeared to take a shot at Cruise and said the fight would only go on if he’s “man enough to accept this challenge.”

We haven’t really heard anything from Tom yet, but his fans believe that the Mission Impossible star will take the Baby singer by ease!

Meanwhile JB posted another tweet with a film clip of the fight scene from Tom Cruise’s 1992 film Far And Away with himself photoshopped in as Tom’s opponent. 

Now let’s see, though honestly, even we would be looking forward to this kind of a challenge! What do you think?

Is it too late for Bieber to say he’s Sorry?


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