Justin Bieber͛s ͚Friends͛ gets a music video. Well, somewhat!

By Bandook - January 25, 2018

Justin Bieber͛s ͚Friends͛ gets a music video. Well, somewhat! - Bandook
Team bandook

Ever felt like you wanted to take your fav music idol everywhere and not just in your ears (via your headphones)? Well, a brilliant (and deceptively simple) ad does just that.

A German T-Mobile ad has Justin Bieber serenade a fan listening to his latest track (featuring BloodPop) in public places and at home. The idea being that the network is so good, you can stream the singer in high-definition anywhere.

It͛s so well produced that fans are already quite kicked and some even going as far as saying that it might as well be the official music video (there isn͛t one yet, just a lyric video).

But as one waits for that, it͛s time to watch this video on repeat.

And here͛s why…

  • – It features family-friendly Bieber
  • – This video gives you full-on Christmas feels
  • – It features JB moonwalking (because… why not?)
  • – Which #Belieber wouldn͛t wanna be that close to their idol

Watch the ad (or music video) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6iF9ioivfE


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