Jubin Nautiyal’s fav re-created hit with Tanishk Bagchi isn’t Humma…

By Bandook - March 5, 2018

Jubin Nautiyal’s fav re-created hit with Tanishk Bagchi isn’t Humma… - Bandook

If Tanishk Bagchi has got down pat the art of making a winning re-creation for Bollywood music enthusiasts, part of that success has to rest with his collaborators. In fact, apart from lyricists Manoj Muntashir and Kumaar, only one other name comes to mind: singer Jubin Nautiyal’s . Jubin has been part of some of Tanishk’s biggest hits. In fact, of the singer’s many hits in the past few years. All the remixes they’ve done together have been hits. And that’s saying a lot. We sat down with Jubin to decode the secret behind their collaborative success. Here’s how it went…

If I’m getting this right, you’ve done only five remixes and four have been hits — all with Tanishk. Is there a reason behind that?
Tanishk and I started working together when he wasn’t ‘Tanishk Bagchi’ and I was not ‘Jubin Nautiyal’. We share a simple working environment each with the other in it. Definitely, working with him has been a comfortable process. So yes, four out of nine in total with him.

What’s the secret to your success rate with Tanishk?
As I said, the comfortable, homely, unbiased and honest working environment.

Your fav remix with Tanishk is?
It was the lovely Humma Song. At the moment, I am really enjoying Gazab Ka Hai Din.

Does Gazab Ka Hai Din have a special place in your heart? Why?
It is definitely a special song, since I have loved it since I was a little kid. It was originally released in 1988, one year before I was born. And Aamir and Juhi were my favourite couple back when I first watched the film, too.

Why do you think people love remixes so much? If they’re working, you’re obviously doing something right, but it also means that people don’t have confidence in original music.
So what? We are doing it right. The reason why it’s working for us, probably has to do with the fact that our intentions are good. For me, it’s not so much about originals or re-creations. I believe in the simple joys of life and re-creating a classic song for the younger generation to enjoy. It’s a good feeling. I feel lucky to be a part of a generation that got to hear good music. I grew up listening to Ghulam Ali Khan saab, Mehdi Hassansaab, Lata Mangeshkar ji, Asha Bhosale Ji, Kishore Kumar Singer da, Bappi Lahiri da, to Mohammad Rafi saab, to Sonu Nigam Bhai, to Shreya Ghoshalji to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab,…etc. This is rich music. I can get exposure to their melodies and words for coming generations, so I like doing what I do.


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