Jannat Zubair’s debut single as a singer trended at #1 worldwide

By Bryan Durham - August 30, 2019

In one day, ‘TikTok Queen’ Jannat Zubair has done what most seasoned music stars find difficult to boast about. The TV actress and social media star’s debut single as a singer Ishq Farzi has become the most watched video in the past 24 hours worldwide.

Jannat Zubair’s debut single as a singer trended at #1 worldwide

That makes Jannat the first singer to get a ‘trending at #1’ video on YouTube on debut in a really long time.

What’s more she did so at a clocked 7 million view and 315k likes in the first 24 hours.

The video’s popularity might well be tied to the fact that TikTok stars have an engaged, loyal following across platforms and that Rohan Mehra is also a known actor.

Incidentally, music director Ramji Gulati has had a recent hit video for Tere Bin Kive featuring Jannat and the most followed TikToker Mr Faisu that went viral at the time of release and was trending since then.

The video was pulled down from YouTube following a controversy involving Mr Faisu (Faisal Shaikh) that also saw the temporary suspension of his TikTok account.

But even so, Jannat dropped the single on her birthday yesterday (she turned 18) and the accompanying video for Ishq Farzi has proved that her collaboration with Ramji has reaped rich benefits.

Watch the video HERE


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