JALDI 5 with Kanishk Seth

By Bryan Durham - February 27, 2018

JALDI 5 with Kanishk Seth: ‘Just because I’m young, doesn’t mean I have to tell youthful stories’
The singer-songwriter (and now storyteller) tells us how the video and music for ‘Aane Ko Hai Khaab’ came together and what his mom, #TumhiHoBandhu singer Kavita Seth thought of it

Bryan Durham for bandook

Introductions out of the way first, Kanishk Seth is celebrated Sufi singer Kavita Seth’s son. Yes, but he is more than just that as well. He is also an indie-electronic music composer, producer and singer who released an album Trance with Khusrow with his mother. The album garnered several nominations. He’s in his twenties but is very aware of his process and is extremely clear about the music he wants to put out.

His latest music video celebrates waiting in a rather simple fashion. It’s a song, set in a small-town but is based on the basic concept – intezaar ka apna hi mazaa hota hai (Waiting has its own charms). Kanishk hasn’t just composed and produced the music, he has also sung it. The director of the video (and the lyricist) is his friend Yashvardhan Goswami. The two wrote and conceptualised the story themselves.

We asked Kanishk to reply to 5 questions and here’s what he had to say…

WHERE did you shoot this video?
I shot this video in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Yashvardhan, who is the lyricist and the director of the video, unke hi ghar pe aur unke hi ek dost ke surroundings mein humne shoot kiya tha.

WHEN was the video shot and how long did it take to get made?
I shot this video last year, during October-end. We shot the video in one day.

WHY this concept and not something more youthful?
Toh jab main ye gaan compose kar raha tha i came up with the theme of waiting. My process when I make a song is that I think of a theme, a visual, mere dimaag mein chalta rehta hai. Ek story chalta rehta jiske around mera composition waise frame ho jaata hai. Ek idea ye tha ek aurat jai jo chhote sheher mein rehti hai, woh, she’s waiting for her husband to come home. Aur uss intezaar mein, she’s doing her everyday things. We really worked on the little things. Youthful ki koi baat nahi hai. Main har baar koi na koi kahaani bataana chahta hoon. Zaroori nahi hai ki main young hoon to youthful kahaani hi bataaounga just to connect with. Ye bahut hi wrong notion mujhe lagta. We see a lot of stories unfold around us. It’s the storytelling that matters the most and not something youthful.

HOW much have you learnt from making this song and video?
A lot. I made this song a year or two ago. And since then I ‘ve been trying to put it out. My first step was that if I release a song, I really wanted a music video for it. Times have changed. If you’re putting out music, you really need to have one. People SEE songs nowadays. So when I was done writing the song, Yashvardhan and I ideated on it. We wrote the whole script. Did a shot breakdown. I’ve made short films with friends before, so it was nothing new to me, but shooting a music video was something we all wanted to work on together. It was a surreal experience.

WHAT was your mother’s first reaction to the song/video?
She heard the song before the video and she really loved it. Unko kaafi alag music lagaa. Video bhi unko kaafi achha lagaa tha. I told her I was going to have Prerana Kumar ma’am in the cast. Prerana ma’am used to teach me theatre. So, mom was very excited to hear that.



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