Did Bruno Mars really ‘hire’ Ed Sheeran to sing him ‘Happy Birthday’?

By Bryan Durham - October 10, 2018

Or were he and Bruno Mars “just hanging out” on the latter’s birthday?

Anybody familiar with Bruno Mars’ Instagram page is familiar with his unique brand of humour and so will not see anything amiss as he lords over a tower of cupcakes as he gets serenaded by none other than… wait for it… the world’s richest solo artist… Ed Sheeran.

One guesses when you’re an 11-time Grammy winner, you can “hire” a four-time Grammy winner to sing for you as you eat.

And while you ponder over the pompousness of it, don’t miss the hashtag #extraforever in the caption even as Sheeran wishes “two-time Super Bowl performing Bruno” a happy birthday before Bruno commands him to perform “again!” If you sense the awkwardness on Ed Sheeran’s face, consider this: they’re friends.

It’s a joke.

Also, Ed earns an average of $138,686 a day last year, netting a total profit of over $50 million. He doesn’t do what makes him uncomfortable. It’s that simple. Also, Ed has spoken of his friendship with Bruno on Entertainment Tonight. He said: “We know each other very well. We hang out.”

If this is what hanging out is, you’re best off taking videos like this in context.


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