Is Drake as ‘Heartless’ as Badshah?

By Bryan Durham - August 22, 2018

The Canadian rap god’s beautiful gesture (he cancelled a concert to spend time with a 11-year-old fan awaiting a heart transplant) is a real-life story… inspired by Badshah’s music video?

Is Drake as ‘Heartless’ as Badshah?

Drake and Badshah: All Heart!

Drake has cancelled one of his three shows in Toronto to spend time with Sofia Sanchez, a 11-year-old fan waiting for a heart transplant at the Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago.

Sofia got the best birthday (it’s on Saturday) present when her idol visited her and made her day. According to the hospital officials, she had two wishes: to get a new heart and to meet Drake.

Aubrey (Drake’s real name) just got done with his Chicago concert when he saw her video and decided to visit her after seeing an #InMyFeelingsChallenge she did while in hospital.

In a video on her uncle’s Instagram page, Drake is seen saying, “You asked me to come, I’m here” gave her a hug and added, “I’m so happy I got to see you!…. I called and cancelled a concert so I could come and see you, to be honest with you.”

According to reports and a video released by the hospital, they exchanged autographs and talked about a lot of stuff and took a lot of selfies. The video also mentioned, “Sofia said meeting him ‘was a miracle’ and it was her best birthday gift ever.”

And if that sounds incredibly familiar, it’s because you’ve seen the same story play out (a little differently, albeit) for the music video of Badshah’s Billboard-charting Heartless.

In Badshah’s video, his act of kindness is intentionally “personal” and “private” and the star spends quality time with his fan, even as the star gets flak for allegedly “not making time to meet his fan” (which he actually does).

We’d love to know what Badshah (we know he loves Drake), Aastha Gill and video director Gurrick G Maan have to say about the coincidence. And we’d really love for Sofia to find a donor and get better. And happy birthday, Sofia!


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