Indian singer-songwriter Avanti Nagral is ‘singing the same tune’ as Meghan Trainor

By Bandook - March 14, 2018

Like Meghan’s No Excuses, Avanti’s Treated also has respect as the central theme

Team bandook

She’s no Meghan Trainor, but Indian-American singer-songwriter Avanti Nagral’s latest track Treated (in collaboration with Qyuki) runs on pretty much the same lines. Not nearly as smartly packaged and marketed, it nevertheless, is getting noticed.

The central theme is respect, with this motto: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. Pretty much like Meghan Trainor. Produced by Mumbai-based Flying Carpet Productions and inspired by Avanti’s personal experiences, along with stories of women who have faced domestic violence, marital rape and bad relationships, it strongly promotes the importance of taking a stand in any kind of relationship.

Formerly based in Mumbai and currently in Boston, Nagral has incorporated Indian as well as gospel music elements in the creation of the song.

About the song, she says, “Treated is a song that I wrote to my 12-year-old self. I hope that anyone listening to the song is able to take away that respect is the number one thing in any kind of relationship.”

The spotlight is on Avanti this week. Check her out in this video…


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