‘Ilzaam’ has Badshah striking back against his haters

By Bandook - May 15, 2020

Taking a break from the super-energetic, zany numbers he’s now known for, Badshah quietly released a heartfelt rap single called Ilzaam from his upcoming album 3:00 AM Sessions today.

Releasing the single on his YouTube channel, the rapper wrote about the album, “3:00 AM Sessions is the most personal body of work I have been able to put together.”

What can one expect from the album? “It has stories, it has fantasies, it has ambitions, it has confessions. The only thing it does not have is lies. This is me with no layers,” says Badshah, adding tersely, “I am scared to put it all out, but I can’t hold it back any longer. It is my redemption.” 

‘Ilzaam’ has Badshah striking back against his haters

Written during the lockdown, Ilzaam seeks to rise above the hate, the accusations, the blame game and how, finally, it is the audience’s love th is about how he is above all the false blame and accusations, and how the love from the audience encourages him to be the best version of himself. 


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