If you can play football in heels, you can watch this music video without any pain

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - August 1, 2018

If you can play football in heels, you can watch this music video without any pain

Yuwin Kapse needs to rethink his decisions in life and music. His new song ‘Baaton Mein Tera Zikr Hai’ is a poorly worked-on song. Every single detail is flawed, and this isn’t the kind of flaw that makes it look beautiful, or imperfectly perfect.

A dry deserted place is neither scenic nor appealing to the eyes, so there was no reason to add that in the song. From the moment his love interest is shown, the song becomes even worse. It’s not sure if he is actually admiring the ‘stiff’ girl from afar, or cringing at her presence. But knowing how Hindi songs work, we safely assume that he is admiring her astonishing beauty.

You think this was bad, but wait till you see this. The girl plays football with a kid, in her tall skyscrapers aka heels. At this moment, we’re done. But the song isn’t.

Then, you see him bribing the kid with chocolate, just to get his word to the girl. He gets her number (finally! The song might just end now) and they start talking, but the guy is poor because he doesn’t own a phone but has an expensive cycle. So he takes his friend’s phone, always interrupting the couple.

Now he scores a date and takes her to an outdoor restaurant where no one is there (how did he pay for the complete booking?). She looks like a step-mom in front of him, almost like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, just a little more Indianized.

From bad vocals to poor lyrics and an extremely bad music video, there’s nothing this song hasn’t aced (descending order, of course).


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