‘I have a real-life Humnava’ – Jubin Nautiyal

By Bryan Durham - May 23, 2018

‘I have a real-life Humnava’ – Jubin Nautiyal

Jubin Nautiyal gives us the lowdown on his latest song

Jubin Nautiyal’s just-released Humnava Mere confirms one thing. Very few singers in Bollywood can sing sad songs — the whole longing-in-love thing — better than him.

The music video for the same, dropped today morning. Shot in Venice, Italyit features him alongside his friend Romika Sharma. The video is directed by Ashish Panda (best known for the video of the re-worked Kabhi Yaadon Mein featuring Divya Khosla Kumar). Music is by Rocky-Shiv and lyrics are by Manoj Muntashir.

This interview sees him tell us that he has a real-life ‘humnava’ (he leaves us hanging and doesn’t tell us more), working with the team he does with for this song and we even pick his brain for why he thinks the single culture has killed the albums.


Do you have a real life Humnava?
Yes, I do.

You travel a lot. What’s on your playlist when you travel?
While travelling, a person experiences so many emotions, I go with the flow with the music I listen to, I let my emotions take the lead and decide my playlist as we move. There is always a song for a emotion.

Were you cool with the Humnava video being directed by Ashish Panda, who’s only known for one video before this (Kabhi Yaadon Mein)?
This is the first time I am working with Ashish panda, and after knowing his vision of this song, I felt convinced about how he is seeing the song. He is a good director and Humnava Mere needed that emotion-driven expressive direction.

You’ve worked with Rocky-Shiv before (Haaye Dil). What is different about what they bring to the table?
Rocky-Shiv are brilliant music directors, they bring a lot of freshness to the table. And working with them is a lot of fun as they know my voice very well.

The reason Manoj Muntashir works beautifully for this song is…
Because he is one and only Manoj Muntashir, he has written the song so beautifully, the expressions he has used are very real and honest. The word play is brilliant .

Tell us about your co-star in the video Romika Sharma. How did you build screen chemistry with her?
Romika Sharma is a dear friend, she is also from the hills, I know her from Dehradun. It was comfortable working with her.

Which spots in Venice was the video shot at?
The video was shot at many places throughout Venice . It was a very hectic shoot and we didn’t get time to even stop for a second.

Except for Bollywood, the album culture is dead. Would you agree? Only singles get made now. Do you think that’s good for independent music?
Yes I do miss albums, especially the ones which had a theme to them, where six tracks can be heard back-to-back and music be enjoyed as a simple pleasure of life. But at the same time, good music. I have worked with A lot of labels but Bhushan Kumar Ji and T-Series have been a comfortable label to work with as an artist , so maybe we will work on a album. Just like it used to be at one point.


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