Hold On | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 12, 2018

Hold On | Review

Hold On – Ananya Birla

> Ananya Birla’s third single of her career has a music video that’s slickly shot, but…
> …is guilty of bad direction and poor casting.
> The song is in the electro-pop space and at first listen, sounds promising.
> However, one grammatical flaw is too in-your-face to ignore.
> Were the slang used throughout the song, we’d ignore it, but it only appears when that line appears.
> The line? “Everybody say no no no” Go ahead and call us nitpickers, but it is what it is. Should’ve been ‘says’ and not “say’
> The story is about a girl in love with a guy who’s bad news. He’s a thief and she ought to have known better than to stick around. But she does.
> It’s a fine concept for a video like this, but where it falters is when he steals a solitaire ring and the police show up at her flat and arrest her for the robbery.
> Quick question: He obviously stole it, but how did he get tracked down so quickly? Right to her door (it obviously doesn’t look like his).
> And since when do victims of robbery accompany the police to apprehend criminals?
> As the object of her attention and affection, the male actor should be worth going to jail for. Throughout the video, try as one may, one sees no redeeming quality for her to have made the sacrifice. 


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