Himesh Reshammiya’s formula for making ‘instant hits’ is not re-creations!

By Bryan Durham - May 31, 2019

Says he wants his songs for Rajkumar Santoshi’s movie Badboy to hold its own, have identity apart from film

Himesh Reshammiya’s formula for making ‘instant hits’ is not re-creations!
Himesh Reshammiya | INSTAGRAM

Himesh Reshammiya is a hitmaker, no doubt about that. Inspired or otherwise, he does a darn good job with composing for entire soundtracks, a rarity in Bollywood these days. His latest outing has been announced: Rajkumar Santoshi’s Badboy, starring Mithun Chakraborty’s youngest son Namashi and Inbox Pictures’ producer Sajid Qureshi’s daughter Amrin.

Himesh Reshammiya’s formula for making ‘instant hits’ is not re-creations!
Amrin Qureshi and Namashi Chakraborty

The music of the last Bollywood release he had — Genius — was more talked about and was better received than the film itself. And that is something the ace composer is keenly aware of. He shares, “Since it is a happy, fun and romantic film, we wanted the songs to be a talking point, before its release. Nowadays, music works only if the film does. My aim is to create songs that have their own identity, and also help the film.”

As the movie is said to cater more to the younger audiences, Himesh is working on songs that appeal to the youth.  He adds, “We are working on five new songs; the kind that the youth can connect with as soon as they hear them.”

He is very clear about one thing, though (and that’s heartening!). “We aren’t recreating old tracks as the film gives us enough scope to present fresh music,” he says.

And a a happy director means it’s all headed in the right direction. Santoshi beams, “Himesh has always produced chart-busters that appeal to the youth.”

Shooting for the film has kicked off in Bengaluru. Speaking about his association with HR for Badboy, he says, “Himesh is one of the finest musicians in Bollywood and we are glad to associate with him for Badboy.  Looking forward to seeing him create some magic with this film.”

Say what you want about Himesh Reshammiya and his music, what one really cannot deny is that man’s music gets more “footage” than the actual film, every single time.

Must be doing something right, right? And he’s steering clearing from re-creations. So YAAAAAAAAAY!


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