Himesh Reshammiya kisses quite ‘naturally’ in new song Heer Tu Meri

By Bandook - August 8, 2019

Himesh dropped his new song Heer Tu Meri from Happy Hardy And Heer yesterday. The song is sung, composed as well as written by HR also has Anusha Mani singing the vocals for the female lead of the film Sonia Mann.

Shot in the picturesque Scotland, this song is all about Himesh in multi-coloured clothes and swanky cars. Not to miss the chemistry between him and Sonia (his co-star).

Adding to this, Himesh said, “Raka, the choreographer wanted everything spontaneous in the song and nothing preplanned since the concept of the song was love and he wanted the actors to look natural and feel every shot. He kept prompting me and Sonia during each shot and while we were shooting a sequence on the streets of Scotland while driving the car, he saw this chemistry between us and promoted me and Sonia to kiss and the shot just happened very naturally. It was not planned at all and that’s why the shot just flows and doesn’t look forced.”

After looking at this video, we kinda missed the old videos of him in his cap look. But looks like he is has shot a video in his signature cap look which will be newly designed for the studio version cause the voice also is completely reinvented in Heer Tu Meri.


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