Handcuff them already!

By Bryan Durham - February 7, 2019

Here’s who we’d like to see doing the #HandcuffChallenge

Also known as the #JustYouAndIChallenge, the #HandcuffChallenge has you and a friend/your partner being ‘bound’ together as you carry on an everyday activity, while cuffed to each other.

A nod to the video of the Tom Walker song, Just You And I, it’s a video challenge that went viral in India with the likes of Sunny Leone (along with husband Daniel Weber) taking up the challenge while working out. Here’s our wishlist of musicians who we’d love for to take up the challenge.


Handcuff them already!

They don’t nearly have enough pics together. And there’s a good reason for that. We’d ideally like to see the AMs get ready for a gig while cuffed to each other.


Handcuff them already!

Each is their own person, but none more connected than Neha and Tony. What we’d ideally like to see them do is have Coca Cola while playing Ludo in handcuffs.


Handcuff them already!

The social media-savvy sisters Sukriti and Prakriti are the epitome go what young go-getters should be. We’d like to see them cuffed to each other and picking their favourite profile while taking a selfie.


Handcuff them already!

The man loves his kicks. If you remember, we’ve done a story about how he’s got a separate room for his footwear. We want to see him cuffed to his fav pair as he goes about his day as someone tries to get them off him.


Handcuff them already!

They’re glued at the hip. The soul sisters could do a re-enaction of MonDog’s see Me Now video while cuffed to each other. They’d slay is all we’ll say.


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