Gully Boy’s ‘Azadi’ video feels like an afterthought

By Bryan Durham - February 11, 2019

Since hearing Azadi live at the Gully Boy concert in Mumbai, we were waiting for the video for this DIVINE track to drop. And while it’s the fifth video to release off the soundtrack, it’s something fans of the Mumbai rapper were looking forward to.

While the audio is all fire, we were kinda disappointed about the video cut. It starts out intriguingly as it builds into the Punjabi intro all the way to DIVINE’s first line. And then it becomes all too apparent.

This isn’t a video that might make it to the film. Either that or the makers want you to watch the final cut after the film’s release.

Which is weird considering Asli Hip Hop is cut perfectly despite being a patchwork of shots, because there’s a holding shot of Ranveer Singh rapping that ties it all in.

Apna Time Aayega has a similar tie-in with the dialogue between Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ranveer Singh segueing in to Ranveer’s performance.

Mere Gully Mein starts out in a studio before moving on to the video shoot of the song that made Divine and Naezy superstars overnight. Ranveer and Siddhant are all swagger as they go through the streets as if they owned it/

Doori plays out in a studio and has Ranveer performing to the camera in exaggerated closeups giving it a more intimate feel.

Of course, by this time, you’re expecting Azadi to be in the same vein, but those expectations go down the drain as it becomes clear by the 0:38 mark in the video that this video may well have been an afterthought with no lip synching at all. Curious, since the film is all about the spoken word.

While the visuals hit the sweet spot far lesser than you’d expect the lyrics suggest, it is a video that feels like a patchwork with no clear thread running through it.

That, literally, makes the video of this banger of a track quite underwhelming.

Gully Boy’s ‘Azadi’ video feels like an afterthought

AZADI; Gully Boy
SINGERS: Divine & Dub Sharma
MUSIC: Dub Sharma & DIVINE


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