Girlbosses in a Guy’s World

By Bryan Durham - March 8, 2018

Girlbosses in a Guy’s World

Who run the world? Girls! Needed any more proof of this? Look no further than these all-male bands fronted by strong, powerful women. While most are still active, some aren’t and even fewer do live gigs off and on, it’s testament to their leadership skills that so many still are. May their tribe increase!
Meanwhile, take a look at our list of women who rocked the world, in the driver’s seat, no less!

Fronted by: Hayley Williams
Lineup: (currently) Taylor York and Zac Farro (musician)
Story: Paramore began at private school that Josh and Zac Farro attended and where they met Hayley. Original lineup also included bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Jason Bynum in 2004. Several lineup changes later, only guitarist York and drummer Farro remain.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Amy Lee
Lineup: (Currently) #TimMcCord#WillHunt#TroyMcLawhorn#JenMajura
Story: Founded in 1995 by Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. Their first full-length album Fallen won them two Grammys in 2003. Moody left the same year. Several lineups later and three studio albums later, the only constant has been Lee. Bassist Tim joined in 2006, Troy joined in 2007, drummer Will in 2010 and the latest addition, rhythm guitarist Jen as late as 2015.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Debbie Harry
Lineup: Chris Stein (guitars and bass), #ClemBurke (drums and percussion), #LeighFoxx (bass), #MattKatzBohen (keys, synth), Tommy Kessler (guitar)
Story: Originally founded by Debbie and Chris in 1974. Disbanded in 1982, six studio albums later. Re-formed in 1997. Matt and Tommy joined in the late-00s. Released their 11th studio album Pollinator in 2017.
Current Status: Active

Selena Gomez & The Scene
Fronted by: Selena Gomez
Lineup: Bassist Joey Clement Bass, drummer Greg Garman, keyboardist #DaneForrest, and guitarist #DrewTaubenfeld
Story: Selena always wanted to be part of a band (supposedly inspired by Paramore), and announced the formation in 2008. While auditioning for members, Sel said, “I would like all guys in the band. I’m looking for someone who’s very passionate about music and can show me that they can rock out. I like having people with me to lean on and write with and have fun with.” During its lifetime the band put out three studio albums, seven singles and nine music videos. The band would take a hiatus in 2012 to let Gomez concentrate on her acting career. Apparently, her solo success also meant, the hiatus would never end.
Current Status: Disbanded

No Doubt
Fronted by: Gwen Stefani
Lineup: Bassist and keyboardist Tony Kanal, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Dumont, and drummer Adrian Younge
Story: Formed in 1986. The above mentioned members were the original lineup and remained so. They had supporting acts play with them off and on. Their debut album released in 1992. They took a hiatus in mid-2004, as Gwen began work and released her first solo effort late that year. They released work (sans Gwen) and went on tour between 2009-10, returning to a hiatus for 2013-14. By 2016, Gwen gave an interview stating that the band had grown apart in musical styles expressing uncertainty over their future.
Current Status: Dormant

London Grammar
Fronted by: Hannah Reid
Lineup: Dot Major#DanRothman
Story: Formed in 2009, their first EP released in February 2013. Their first album released in September that year. Hannah and Dot met in 2009 at Nottingham University, Dan joined them a year later. Mid-2011, they moved to London to pursue music. They have two studio albums out, the first went double-platinum in the UK and the second (released in 2017) peaked at #1 on the UK Albums chart.
Current Status: Active

Wolf Alice
Fronted by: #EllieRowsell
Lineup: Joff Oddie (guitar), Theo Ellis (bass) and Joel Amey (drums)
Story: Initially a two-member band formed in 2010 between Ellie and Joff. The now four-piece alt rock band has a Grammy nomination and two studio albums behind them.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Tipriti Kharbangar ‘TIPS’
Lineup: Rudy Wallang and other session musicians
Story: To watch Tipriti and Rudy play the blues live on stage is an experience. The two-piece act from Shillong, Meghalaya is usually joined by other musicians during performances. Formed in 2008, they’ve performed nationwide and worldwide, quickly cementing their reputations as one of the finest vocalists (TIPS) and guitarists (Rudy) around.
Current Status: Active

The Cranberries
Fronted by: Dolores o’riordan
Lineup: Guitarist Noel Hogan , bassist Mike Hogan, and drummer Fergal Lawler
Story: The same lineup since formation in 1989 in Limerick, Ireland, it originally had Niall Quinn as lead vocalist. He was replaced by Dolores the next year. All through the 1990s and right up to the mid-00s, they put out all of five studio albums, going on a hiatus between 2004-2008. A reunion the following year, they continued working till 2017, touring until Dolores was beset with health problems. Early this year, the beloved frontwoman died unexpectedly in London.
Current Status: Active

Kanchan Daniel & the Beards
Fronted by: Kanchan Daniel@
Lineup: Kush Upadhyay – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Mukesh Lobo – Keyboards, Anand Kamath – Bass and
Varoon Aiyer – Drums/Percussion
Story: Formed in 2012 when Kanchan met Mukesh, the band continues to promote its unique brand of blues. Several lineup changes later, they settled on Varoon (formerly Split and Blek), Kush and Anand. Their first album dropped in 2015. They’ve opened for John McLaughlin in Bangalore and played at prestigious gigs.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Nirmika Singh
Lineup: (Currently) Glenn Fernandes – guitars, Agnelo Picardo – Drums, Vaibhav Jadhav – Bass, Ryan Mendonca – Keys
Story: Singer-songwriter (and currently Rolling Stone India’s Executive Editor) Nirmika Singh has had a backing band for the longest time in her performing career. Once upon a time the all-male band with Nirmika as the frontwoman, was collectively called Nirmika and The Few Good Men. Now, several lineups later with Singh as the only constant, they simply go by Singh’s first name.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Kamakshi Khanna
Lineup: Pranav Pahwa on guitars, Gautam Menon on drums, Harshit Misra on bass and Pranay Parti on Keyboards
Story: Kamakshi started out as backup vocalist for Euphoria at one point. The Delhi girl would go on to form her own band, which once had Tarana ‘Komorebi’ Marwah (on keys) in the lineup. They launched their debut EP in 2014.
Current Status: Active

Mali (Maalavika)
Fronted by: Mali aka Maalavika Manoj
Lineup: Tejas Menon (Guitars), Viraj Saxena (Drums), Stuart DaCosta (Bass Guitars)
Story: Maalavika or Mali is an independent singer-songwriter, who has the support of her friends in the lineup. She toured with her debut EP last year with these friends in the lineup.
Current Status: Active. They recently got done with the Rush EP tour.

Ganesh Talkies
Fronted by: Suyasha SenGupta
Lineup: Ronodeep Bose: Guitars, Roheet Mukherjee: Bass, Sambit Chatterjee: Drums, Vinay Daswani: FOH
Story: The former vocalist of cover band Pseudonym joined GT and the band has been making music together since 2011. They define their sound as the “dance music cousins of Bollywood via Indian indie.
Current Status: Active

Fronted by: Anushka Manchanda
Lineup: Shiraz Bhattacharya – Drums, Pozy Dhar- Guitars, Papal Mane- Bass
Story: The genre-defying band features members of separate bands and one solo artiste coming together to make music they love.
Current Status: Dormant


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