Garry Sandhu is back… not with a bang, though

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - July 19, 2018

Garry Sandhu is back… not with a bang, though

New music video of I Swear promises to make you fall asleep in seconds.

Garry Sandhu released the music video of his next song, I Swear on YouTube under his own label. The song has his lyrics and composition, and the music is by Ikwinder.

While the video started off as quite likely and interesting, it all went down the drain in a matter of a few minutes. The lyrics, traditional girls dancing to bhangra, foreign girls twerking,falling in love with a desi girl, it all becomes remarkably repetitive. You will find yourself dozing faster than anything.

While this video is a different take from most Punjabi Music videos, surprisingly, we rather prefer our cliche stuff as opposed to this. At least it’s entertaining. The only good thing about this video was the Behind The Scenes footage and the teaser.

After having delivered super hits like Illegal Weapon and Yeh Baby, we had raised our bar of expectations from him. But unfortunately, he failed us.


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