Forgetting Anup Jalota

By Bandook - June 27, 2018

Forgetting Anup Jalota

We’d like to erase the memory of watching this video

Anup Jalota and Dr Reena Mehta have put out their 5th single together and we have to tell them this: Stop, seriously.

With the stage appearance and positioning of the singers, to the saddening composition, we can’t process the fact that Anup Jalota was capable of doing this to us.

There is nothing ‘not’ wrong about this song and if we got a dollar for pointing out every single flaw in this song, Ty Dolla Sign would have been extremely jealous of our current acquisition because damn, would we be rich.

Dear Mr Anup Jalota and Dr Reena Mehta, lets hope you don’t do this to us anymore. The Ghazal king may have given us high expectations but sadly, they have all diminished in the dust. And then you come up with not one, not two but FIVE music videos? Spare us the torture. We really don’t think it is capable for us to bear this anymore.

Until next time (hoping we don’t meet you again), we hope that:
Na Main Yaad Karu Tumko, Na Tum Yaad Karna Mujhe.


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