Forget heartbreak and betrayal, funny Punjabi music videos are the best hits

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - August 2, 2018

Forget heartbreak and betrayal, funny Punjabi music videos are the best hits

Remember when heartbreak made Ranbir Kapoor sing Channa Mereya? That trend was something Punjabi music videos have always carried with them. A guy falls in love with a beautiful girl, she breaks his heart, he sings a song about her. This mainstream plot has been so overused, that even the audiences have becomes bored with it.

Thank those who decided that funny music videos are a must. They’re not only quirky, but they also give an additional song to dance on. You can’t dance on Qismat in a club now, can you?

Here we have a list of Punjabi music videos which give proof that Punjab is indeed growing a funny bone.

1. Pariyaan Toh Sohni

Sung and penned by Amrit Maan, with music by Ikwinder Singh, this song is a story of a couple where the wife thinks her husband is cheating on her. So, in order to find out the truth, she takes out a gold rifle (because that is what Punjabis do) and has him on gunpoint (in front of his friends). But, surprise! He was actually planning to buy her a Ferrari (nothing unusual really).

2. Jaani Tera Naa

Sung by Sunanda Sharma, this song is full of funny relatable lyrics (credits to Jaani) that it is a constant at every wedding. It is about a girl who loves her beau, despite her mom hating him. But even then, she makes it a point to tell the guy everything that annoys her.

3. Lahore

It’s impossible for you to not have heard this song. Guru Randhawa falls in love with a girl, at first sight, gives her a ride in his expensive car and waits to check the new ‘future’ wife his mom has sent him. But of course, his data plan sucks. In the end, he finds out that both the girls are in fact, the same person. Talk about luck, this guy has plenty.

4. Na Ja

Pav Dharia is too cool for us. Karma bites. His music video for Na Ja is virtual proof of that. A hot school teacher rejects the cleaner guy, who goes on to become a big star, while the girl has to be a miserable housewife for her cranky husband.

5. Laembadgini

Diljit Dosanjh charms, each time. Penned by Veet Baljit, composed by Jatinder Shah and sung by Diljit Dosanjh, this song is about a girl who suspects her man cheating on her while talking to various other girls on the phone. In the end, the husband makes her meet those ‘girls’ who turn out to be men, because of their names (Punjabis don’t have gender-specific names at all). Moral of the story: keep your kid’s name according to his/her gender.



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