The Fifty Shades Freed #OST | Turned on yet?

By Bandook - February 16, 2018

The Fifty Shades Freed #OST will be available this Friday. Five tracks are out. Three have music videos that each tell a different tale. Only one is a duet while the other two are solos. Featuring some of the most prolific names in music today — Liam Payne and Rita Ora sing ‘For You’, Julia Michaels is in ‘Heaven’ and then there’s Hailee Steinfeld with BloodPop on ‘Capital Letters’.
But while each video ignites a different kind of passion in you, it barely scratches the surface. The OST has 22 tracks (3 bonus ones) and while you wait for more videos to drop for at least three more tracks, here are three to tide you over till then.


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