Everybody Hates Me | Review

By Bandook - March 16, 2018

Everybody Hates Me | Review - Bandook

Song: Everybody Hates Me
Artist: The Chainsmokers

The first thought that runs through your head is: Are The Chainsmokers suffering from a persecution complex?
Sure feels that way. But then you listen to the track and that thought kinda dissapates.
Vibe-wise, on the same turf as Sick Boy, but a little more boppy track.
And far less depressing, regardless.
This downtempo song talks about the trappings of fame and how lonely in makes you in a crowd.
A sea of haters where you’re talking to yourself in what sounds like mumbling does seem like a lonely place to be.
Going by their track record, pretty sure the video’s going to be a world apart.


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