Dream Theater’s Paralyzed is an experience of melancholic agony

By Bryan Durham - February 14, 2019

Dream Theater’s newest single, Paralyzed, is the third track from their upcoming album Distance Over Time.

“The song is an introspective reflection on the negative impact that being obstinate or single-minded can have on important relationships,” guitarist John Petrucci said of the song in a press release.

Rife with powerful instrumentation and soulful singing, Paralyzed is reflective of the old DT sound. The rhythmic guitar riffs and percussions bring out the tension, anger and agony which is balanced by the piano and vocals which add a melancholic flavor to the entire soundscape. The band also released an animated music video for the song.

As described by John Petrucci and James LaBrie on their Instagram video, this song is more on the straightforward side from the albums, but nonetheless, it is by far our favorite amongst the three songs that are released from the album.


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