Drake on Lemon Remix: ‘I know everybody not like me’

By Bandook - March 19, 2018

Drake on Lemon Remix: ‘I know everybody not like me’ - Bandook

He says the words in the song, but that’s exactly how it went down on social media

Team bandook

Even if you’re a Drake fan, you’ll have your reservations about his remix of ‘Lemon’, N*E*R*D and Rihanna‘s collaboration from No One Ever Really Dies.

The remixed track exclusively premiered on OVO Sound Radio, followed by a tweet by Pharrell, previewing the track, now available for streaming.

The remix of the addictive dance number, starts off with Drake, who raps: “I get it how I live it/ I live it how I get/ Y’all don’t really get it​/ I pull up in a lemon/ Blocks get to spendin’/ Money 3D printin’/ Never had a limit/ Never been religious/ I just always had opinions.”

Speaking of opinions, Twitter went into overdrive with reactions to the track which are listed in this moment here (https://twitter.com/i/moments/975394112567472128).

While Aubrey’s (Drake’s real name) fans lapped it up, even if they admitted to hating it, said they did so, only because he was featured on it. The more vocal of the lot felt no need for the track to have a remix at all, let alone one by Drake, who one tweeter felt, didn’t sound like him at all.

Wait a minute… whaat?


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