Dr Zeus gets bhangra to Times Square, New York City

By Bandook - June 7, 2018

Dr Zeus gets bhangra to Times Square, New York City

The video for Tha Tha has been shot in NYC

Dr Zeus is on a roll. The producer, arranger and composer has released Tha Tha, the fourth single from his upcoming album Global Injection and an accompanying video for it.

Shot in Times Square, New York, the video features the artists on the track — Dr Zeus, Zora Randhawa, Canadian rapper Fateh Doe and Preet Singh — flirting with a beautiful girl, Clo Fereira.

Released by BeingU Music via Sony Music India, the peppy dance track sees the boys indulge in some heavy-duty bhangra moves on the streets of NYC.

Everybody gets a chance to shine. Zeus and his composition, Fateh and his rapping, Zora and his rather distinct vocals and Preet and his charm.

Says Dr. Zeus, “This is the fourth song for our album Global Injection and it was fun shooting for this song with everyone in New York as we had a blast.”

The last three tracks from the album are Woofer, Lado Rani and Nakhra Nawabi.


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