Done For Me | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 16, 2018

Done For Me | Review - Bandook

Song: Done For Me (ft Kehlani)
Artist: Charlie Puth

Conversational in nature, it’s about a couple running a relationship audit.
The third part of a series, it sees the end to a story started with ‘Attention’ and followed up by ‘How Long’
Charlie’s clearly had enough and is ready to move on. Then a final salvo, ‘I’d lie for you, I’d die for you, tell me what you’d do for me?”
Kehlani shoots back, “I never cheated, deleted everyone because they made you uncomfortable.”
She’s unapologetic because she insists she never did those things he’s accusing her off.
If you’re following her life, it becomes apparent that these words are personal and are meant for an ex.
Looking forward to the video. This one should be interesting.


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