Does Team Naach have a new member in Badshah?

By Bandook - April 9, 2019

Does Team Naach have a new member in Badshah?
Sonal Devraj and Badshah

Badshah’s recently launched his latest single, which only features one half of Team Naach’s Sonal Devraj. Which has us all wondering: where in the world is Nicole Concessao?!

It might be a commercial, but his is a video that’s fire because of Badshah’s killer rapping style, but also because of Sonal’s moves.

Do they ‘Set The Roads On Fire’? You bet they do.

While we love it that Sonal gets screen time with the ‘Bad Boy’, we’re missing Nicole in this one. Wonder why she wasn’t part of this video.

Will she feature in an upcoming video with him? Or, is this Badshah’s way of telling us that there’s a new member of Team Naach to look out for?

He showed us he can shake it in ‘She Move It Like’!


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