‘Do Din’ actress Akanksha Sharma: I hope the video will bring me something big!

By Bryan Durham - September 20, 2018

Akanksha Sharma is Darshan Raval’s co-star in Do Din. The young beauty queen met us during the early days of the promotions of the pop sensation’s latest hit.

Darshan’s fans — the Darshaners — are very possessive of their idol and tend to call each of his co-actresses in his music videos his “sisters” and take warily to each of them. 

And so, it came as a hearty surprise to everyone keeping tabs, that the moment she was revealed to be his latest co-star, she got a lot of love. From what we hear, that’s because of her stint in India’s Next Top Model Season 2, where she found a following.

Naturally, she answered Darshaner-sourced questions about what she thought about the apprehension/nervousness (if any) coming into the shoot and Darshan’s ‘Blue Family’. Also, she told us about Darshan’s timeliness 😉, his lame jokes and how he is off-camera. She told us what she thought about the Darshaners. 

And of course, she did speak about herself and what cheers her up, what she does when she’s not modelling. The most daring thing she’s done is something we’ve all done while in college, how her name gets misspelled all the time and what she’d be if not a model-actress and what’s coming next for her. She shared some career tips, too!

Thanks to Mehak Dharmat, Jaya Pandey, Dona Dey, Neha Mondal, Manshi Shaw, Sanjana Jain, Tasnim Tabassum, Arisha Azka, Sanjana Proddatoori and Fathima Nashiha for their questions.


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