Do Dhadak’s familiar tunes work for everyone?

By Bryan Durham - July 16, 2018

Do Dhadak’s familiar tunes work for everyone?

DHADAK; Zee Music Company
MUSIC: Ajay-Atul
LYRICS: Amitabh Bhattacharya
RATING: **** (Four stars)

1. Dhadak: The drama leads you in, telling you the story of star-crossed lovers that can never meet, but are still hopeful. Amitabh’s poetry is outstanding here. The melody is a class apart and the thehraav quite unlike what you’re used to, a rare beauty. Ajay is in supreme form as is Shreya Ghoshal, who makes the lone female appearance on the OST.
2. Pehli Baar: The revisited ‘Yad Lagla’. The unmistakable, beautiful flute-driven hook reels you in, and the wonderfully conducted symphony orchestra that forms the core of the track in the original (Sairat) is retained here. Top marks to Amitabh for complimenting this composition. Ajay brings home the fact that a great song is a great song in any language.
3. Zingaat: Both Ajay and Atul Gogavale lend their voices to the track that has (since the original’s release) become one of their calling cards. What should have been their crowning glory in an otherwise well-transitioned soundtrack, feels underwhelming by comparison and this could have to do with how closely one listened to the original track and what one loved about it. If you’re hearing this track for the first time, you’ll still dance to it like no-one’s watching.
4. Vaara Re: A rousing opening, followed by Ajay Gogavale’s distinct vocals light up this original song. There’s a sense of maturity, a milestone reached, a path less taken. Quite possibly, one of the best tracks you’ll hear this year. The lyrics are deceptively simple, but have quite a lasting appeal.

Beautiful melodies underscore any Ajay-Atul album and Dhadak is no different. What might work for some — the familiar tunes — might also taint the experience for some who might not entirely be happy with the transitioning to Bollywood. In any case, an experience to be heard, by turning your headphones up and shutting out the world.


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