DJ ICE: I’d love to do a moombahton remix of a Badshah song!

By Bryan Durham - March 9, 2018

DJ ICE: I’d love to do a moombahton remix of a Badshah song!

Valentin Kozeratskiy goes by a far easier moniker. Widely known as #DJIce, if you’re asking around in Vladivostok in particular, or the Russian Far east in general or even Sydney, Australia (or Andheri Lokhandwala at Bombay Cocktail Bar last night, for that matter), he has gained prominence for DJing across a variety of styles. 
Starting out in 2000 as an urban-music DJ, by 2007, he was a genre bender. Now, 17 years on, he is counted amongst Sydney’s most versatile open-format club DJs.
We asked him a quick round of questions before his gig yesterday. Here’s what he had to say…

Explain to us what an open format DJ is
Open-format DJing is When you research different music genres and get the most interesting and happening tracks and put them together into one brand, rather than just being stuck to one genre.

Any favourites at the Winter Olympics?Are you cheering for Russia or Australia?
Both. But since it’s winter sports, cheering more for Russia.

Vladivostok and Sydney are worlds apart. What drew you to the other continent?
The desire to travel and wanted to discover a different way of life. And Australia was a bit of travelling for me and a few friends of mine. I was the only play there, so…

What genre of music will be the biggest one on the dancefloors this year, according to you?
I believe it’s going to be a fusion of bass music and moombah music. Styles like tribal moombahton, I think.

Have you heard any Indian music? If you had to remix a Bollywood/Indian tune, which one would you pick?
Hard question because it’s my first time listening to or hearing Indian music as much, uh, maybe some moombahton mixes of Indian artists, someone like BADSHAH and alike.


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