Die Tryin’s OST is out!! Here’s the tracklist

By Bryan Durham - March 9, 2018

Die Tryin’s OST is out!! Here’s the tracklist

The music that features on Die Trying’, the web-series, recently completed the first season on Amazon Prime Video India, created by and starring Kenny Sebastian.
Featuring music by When Chai Met Toast and Nigel Rajaratnam, the show’d eight-track OST charts the journey of a band’s struggle to make it big in a crowd of acts and the hilarious situations that ensue. It also stars The Stage 1’s SOUNDARYA Jayachandran in a leading role.

Here’s the tracklist for the Kenny Sebastian-fronted album that’s now live on streaming platforms…

1. Die Trying ft When Chai Met Toast
2. It’s Not Love, It’s Hanging Out
3. The System ft WCMT
4. Making it Big ft WCMT
5. Wake Up Next To You ft Soundarya Jayachandran and Nigel Rajaratnam
6. I Know That I Am Wrong Again ft Nigel R
7. Die Trying Angst ft Nigel R
8. Bad Band Friend ft Nigel R

Watch out for the review of the OST tomorrow…


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