Die Tryin | OST | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 13, 2018

Die Tryin | OST | Review

ARTISTS: Kenny Sebastian ft When Chai Met ToastNigel Rajaratnam and SOUNDARYA Jayachandran

1. It’s Not Love, It’s Hanging Out (ft When Chai Met Toast)
Redefining the complications of relationship statuses – when is it love and when is it hanging out? When is it longing and when is it banging? This song tells you when.

2. Wake Up Next To You (ft Soundarya J and Nigel Rajaratnam)
As indie pop as they come, you kinda get why Rohan (Vidhyut Gargi) thinks it isn’t “real music”. When something sounds as good, it can’t be real, right? Also, we’re pissed that it ends so soon.

3. Die Trying (ft WCMT)
Is it one of the songs on the Rohan & Kenny EP. It’s got crazy-good guitar-playing and a hook that refuses to leave you be.

4. I Know That I Am Wrong Again (ft Nigel Rajaratnam)
Bluesy and sentimental AF, it’s more a state-of-being. When was the last time you felt like this? Pretty often, we reckon.

5. The System (ft WCMT)
Shamelessly pandering to your emotions at the current state of affairs. Glossed over this one.

6. Die Trying (Angst Version ft Nigel R)
The title song that plays on the show. Easily the better version of the two.

7. Making It Big While Making Music (ft WCMT)
Hopes and aspirations find expression. Headlining act that never comes. You know you’re nearing the end of the season.

8. Bad Band Friend (ft Nigel Rajaratnam)
So Bollywood in essence, it’s a call-out to every friend that picked romance over bromance.

VERDICT: A sweet, but rather short companion piece to the Amazon Prime Video India Original. Easy on the ears.


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