Did one of Flume’s goats release a mixtape?

By Bandook - June 24, 2019

A month ago, Flume (real name: Harley Edward Strete) wanted fans to follow his three pet goats on Instagram. Except, maybe he was fooling around? In any case, one of those goats has dropped a mixtape…

Wait, whaaaaaaaat? You heard that right.

A musician using the @totemgoats1 handle wants us to think the former. The person behind this has dropped a five-track mixtape called GØAT TAPE V1.

Redditor u/JonathanRaue has pointed out that three accounts popped up immediately after Flume’s caption went up and that Flume has nothing to do with the three accounts.

GØAT even goes to the extent of mimicking Flume’s signature sound. Read Jonathan’s reasons why, as a die-hard Flume fan, he has reason to beliebe

If you’re still curious, listen to the mixtape here…


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