Dhvani Bhanushali’s solo single is the revisited Leja Re… with the same video director-duo!

By Bryan Durham - November 26, 2018

Dhvani Bhanushali has has a great year, quickly making her mark in re-creations like Dilbar and now, Leja Re. Of course, she also featured in the chart-busting Ishare Tere. By that measure, her recently released first solo single Leja Re (a re-creation of Shreya Ghoshal’s Leja Leja Re) is going great guns.

If you were expecting a re-run of the video magic of Leja Leja Re from the album Ustad and The Divas, you’re in for a rather different experience. It’s less Diva and more Falguni Pathak. And doing by historical evidence, not such a bad thing.

The revised Leja Re, shot in Alwar, Rajasthan, features Dhvani pining for actor Siddharth Sharma. Music has been re-created by Tanishk Bagchi, with additional lyrics by Rashmi Virag. Director duo Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru have helmed the project.

Anyone familiar with Radhika-Vinay’s journey knows them from the music videos they directed in the 1990s and 2000s. They moved on to movies and songs in movies. The share, “Since the past, few months we thought of exploring the idea of making a pop Song again… as we really believe the time of the solo artist is back and that the audience really wants to listen to new, young talented singers. So when we heard the recreated version of our own hit song Leja Re by Tanishk in Dhvani’s voice, we were pleasantly surprised and must say… super impressed. It was as good.. if not better than our own original hit song and we knew this will be a modern-day young age love track that will travel. We have heard Dhvani’s previous work also and she has made this rendition of Leja Re sound very special. And what was most refreshing was to see this young talented singer so comfortable in front of the camera… and that confidence made us take a decision to Direct this song. The original song Leja Leja Re was shot by us with the music legend Ustad Sultan Khan and the reaction we received at that time was humbling. We had to do justice to that. We have tried to make an amalgamation of old and new with this track and are happy that this song… which is shot as a story of First Love has shaped up as beautifully as our original blockbuster song.”

Adds Tanishk, “Leja Leja Re is a modern pop song classics and the song is still one of everyone’s favourites, including mine. I have always been a huge fan of Sandesh Shandilya and the song he made is so heart-touching. When it was suggested that I recreate the song, it was a challenge for me. Big shoes to fill in. But I am happy with the way the song has turned out and Rashmi Virag Sir has written lyrics that make this one as a new individual song in itself. Dhvani and I have worked together before for Dilbar, and when she came on board for the rendition ‘Leja Re’ it has brought innocence and freshness to the recreated track.”

Dhvani Bhanushali concludes, “Leja Re is like a dream song for me. The original song by Shreya Ma’am is so melodious and I am huge fan of hers and that song. It is still on my playlist like many others. Tanishk Sir has recreated this one and it sounds so different yet the flavor is old. I am so glad that I could also feature in this video and Vinay Sir and Radhika Ma’am shot my first solo single. They were very patient during the entire shoot and the video will always remain so close to my heart.”


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