Delicate | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 13, 2018

Delicate | Review

Song: Delicate
Artist: Taylor Swift

Bryan Durham

Ever wondered how stifling it must be to be a superstar? Yes, it does look like a bed of roses from the outside, but only the wearer of the crown knows if it is a thorny one. Metaphors aside, the short story is that Taylor Swift allows you a peek behind the curtain.

The start of the video sees her getting out of a car surrounded by bodyguards, on to a red carpet and taking a moment by herself in the ladies room for a breather and make some goofy faces at the mirror while nobody’s watching. She finds a mysterious note that soon renders her invisible.

It allows her to break free from the shackles and excesses of superstardom and be “like us” for just a bit. The difference is telling. She kicks off her heels and dances around, eventually finding herself at different locations, occasionally singing and dancing in the rain and doing splits, too!

The illusion lasts for most of the duration of the video with her reaching her destination, rain-soaked, looking for the note-sender.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, who she has worked with TayTay on her biggest music videos, nevertheless, feels a little derivative. Borrowing choreography and the basic concept from Spike Jonze’s ad film for Kenzo, it then moves forward and layers it more references than you can keep up with (but Swifties will recognise and lap up).

Is the video about her current beau, Joe Alwyn? It could be (at least she sounds hopeful when she sings, “You must like me for me”). But knowing Swift, all we can say is time and Taylor will tell, but when they’re ready.


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