deadmau5 issues apology after calling Slushii’s music ‘autistic sh*t’

By Bryan Durham - October 11, 2018

deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) is known to be a troll supreme. And so, when the guy rants, people either ignore him or try and react in a bid to shut him up. And fail. However, over the last few days, the deadmau5 we once knew has changed.

The DJ-producer was in the news recently, accused of making homophobic and transphobic statements. In the days that passed, he deleted those tweets and apologised.

A few days ago, during a gaming stream, Deadmau5 called a song by Slushii (real name: Julian Scanlan) “autistic shit” and “AIDS music.” Slushii, who actually is on the autism spectrum, replied stating that “this is really disappointing.”

The video in question?

Read Slushii’s response…

Marshmello chipped in

And finally, deadmau5 issued a statement early today morning…

Well, all we can say is, the apology seems genuine. But will deadmau5 stick by his word?


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