Darshan Raval’s ‘Bhula Diya’ is quite unlike any love song you’ve heard of late

By Bryan Durham - February 7, 2019

Visually and sonically, Darshan Raval’s Bhula Diya is a love song that’s quite unlike what you’ve heard in a while.

Released earlier today, the video follows an imagined space where anything is possible. The object of your affection is within your grasp. The impossible becomes possible.

The brainchild of video director Krishna Marimuthu (of U-Turn’s Karma Theme fame), it follows Darshan meeting a beautiful girl in an elevator and instantly igniting sparks between the two.

He imagines himself back home sketching the girl (played by model Namrata Sheth) he just met and watches her ‘come to life’. The effects are to be seen to be believed as she leaps off the canvas and into supposed real life.

What’s truly beautiful is the work put in by the video production team. Niketh Bommi’s camerawork is exquisite and perfectly complements Shivam Rao’s production design.

Knack Studios’ VFX is second to none (they’re one of the names behind the immensely popular Madras Gig) and coherently ties in into the storyline.

The song starts out on a melancholic note, quickly transforming into an uplifting tune. Music director Anurag Saikia beautifully plays around with tonal variations allowing Darshan’s deep baritone to show off its true range. Tejas Vinchurkar’s flute is another highlight of the track.

AM Turaz’s poetry is a rare breed. It conjures up images, even in the absence of visuals. It brings alive that singular feeling of losing yourself in love.

Haven’t watched it yet? You’re missing out!

SONG: Bhula Diya
ARTIST: Darshan Raval
MUSIC: Anurag Saikia
LABEL: Indie Music Label (Distributed by Sony Music India)


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