Darshan Raval turns ‘LOVE DOST’ to his Darshaners!

By Bryan Durham - April 2, 2019

Is there anything Darshan Raval cannot do? Well, the singer-songwriter, performer, actor (phew) is now adding ‘love dost’ to that list.

Darshan Raval turns ‘LOVE DOST’ to his Darshaners!

The pop heartthrob will be listening in and helping out millennials with their love problems on the show called Dil Beats, which airs on MTV Beats, every Wednesday, since March 27.

We decided to put his skills to the test and asked his fans, the Darshaners, to send in their love problems. Here are the ones that made the cut…

I have a crush on this boy. But I recently met his elder brother. And now I’m crushing on him, too. What to do?

I think this girl is a bit confused. I think she should take some time out and figure out ke usko donon toh nahi mil sakte. Ek select karna hai, toh phir who she is going to select: the boy or the elder brother? It’s completely on her but…

My best friend’s boyfriend likes me and I can’t her tell her this. I am not interested in him. How can I let her know without me having to tell her myself?

Agar uske best friend ka boyfriend likes her, ethically it’s wrong to not tell her friend. She has to speak the truth. It always makes things better. At that moment, we might feel that things could go wrong, but I feel her best friend should know what’s happening.

If someone falls for a person from a different culture, background or religious, what should that person do? Sacrifice everything in the name of love?

No, no, I think you should go for the person you love. Log, reet, rivaaz, culture keep aside… everything changes, yaar! You have to fight for the person you love. If you love that person, you have to go all-out! 

Not giving the other person space leads to breakups. More so, when the other person assumes that if you are in love, you are their whole life. Your thoughts?

I think love is a very strong part of your life. Lekin agar aap pyaar ko hi apni poori zindagi bana loge toh phir you won’t give space to that love, no? You’ll be confined to that only, no? Love is a very strong emotion. It helps you and it supports you. But space is equally important.

Is it necessary to love someone selflessly even if it means losing your dignity and self-respect for their happiness?

According to me, I won’t lose my self-respect and dignity to love somebody. If I lose my self-dignity, then I’m not the same person you pursued.

Are long-distance relationships worth the trouble?

I think trouble toh log ek saath hoke, ek room mein trouble ho sakti hai, toh long distance kya cheez hai, but if the person is right and if you love that person, remember that love is greater than boundaries, time differences or distance.

How does one know when boys are in love and when they’re just playing? What indicators to look out for?

Harkatein, chehra, shakal badal jaatein hai ladkon ki. Jab ladka pyaar mein hota hai na, toh uski poori fitrat badal jaati hai. It’s very easy. Ladkon ka toh bohot prominent hota hai. It’s difficult to figure out the fling part of it, but you know what, love is so pure, jab aap baat kartein hai na, when you speak and when you tell someone that you love, uss awaaz mein, unn aakhon mein hi, you’ll find out love.

I have not been able to trust anyone since breaking up with my boyfriend last year…

I think you should always move on. If you’re not able to trust anybody and are still in that zone, I think life mein bohot saari negative cheezein hoti hain and sab ke saath kharab hota hai, but it is very important to forgive and move on and at least give a chance to someone new. Kya hai, dil hai, dil ko tooth hai toh toot hi jaayega, but aapko thoda mauka toh dena padega, kisi aur ko.

When we are depressed about something, we figure out a solution which usually involves hurting ourselves, making our loved ones angry. They think we hurt them more by giving them emotional pain. Why don’t they see themselves in our place and see what we’re going through?

I would like to tell you that hurting yourself is a very selfish decision because there are a lot of people who love you, a lot of people who are there in your life who you mean a lot to. That is what you have to learn in love. It is NOT about YOU, it is about how they love you and think of you, the same way you have to think about them. The entire thing about hurting yourself is going to make them sad. Here, you have to think the other way, what if they would think of doing the same thing.

With relationships, come responsibility, which sometimes, becomes a burden. Agree?

Hota hai, any relationship sometimes becomes a burden but I think you should take it nicely, you should try and figure out ke kaise iss burden ko kam kiya jaaye. If you feel the relationship is a burden, means something somewhere is going wrong. So figure out why that is.


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