Darshan Raval – Akanksha Sharma Ki Paathshaala: Step & Pose

By Bryan Durham - September 19, 2018

He’s a pop sensation that has one 100-million-views non-film hit (Tera Zikr) and two back-to-back 50-million-views on Mitron’s Kamariya (52 m in two weeks) Loveratri’s Chogada (50 mn in one month). She’s a young beauty queen who won fans during her stint on India’s Next Top Model Season 2. The two feature in his music video (Do Din, in case you were wondering) that’s blowing up everywhere, reaching 20 million views in under a week. So we decided to put Darshan Raval and Akanksha Sharma to the test and asked them to teach each other something they know well.
We came away pleasantly surprised because Darshan didn’t just shine in the music video for his latest hit with his dance moves, he killed it. So here he is, doing the Kamariya hookstep. And, you’ll know if he has the potential to be India’s next top male model, too!
PS: Akanksha is a trained dancer, BTW.


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