Dan Bilzerian mocked for photoshopping Cardi’s BUTT!!

By Bandook - February 27, 2019

So there’s one thing that we’ve definitely realized, we cannot spend a single day without talking about Cardi!

So today’s news is, when Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of himself with Cardi, no one really gave a second thought to it. I mean,the man hangs around with celebs all the time, chilling his life on expensive yachts. Literally, his Instagram feed is only with pictures of himself and barely dressed women partying with bottles and bottles and some more bottles of alcohol.

But, when Cardi posted her version of the photo, it didn’t take fans minutes to notice the subtle changes that were made by Dan!

6Her fans got really upset because the socialite edited Cardi’s body to look slimmer, rounding out her butt as well. Now we get why he did that, but with Cardi? Opps! Oh, and on top of that he made changes on to the models in the background as well. Nope, Cardi B’s fans weren’t really impressed by the act and guess made it pretty clear through their comments!

Dan Bilzerian mocked for photoshopping Cardi’s BUTT!!

Yes you can totally make out the difference yourself!
Well, all we can say is, Dan, photoshopping is okay, but you should know where to use it! :/


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