Cardi B took on the 90s! Who do you think won?

By Bandook - February 26, 2019

Brand darling Cardi B proves with the latest Reebok ad that she can ace any mood, any era and any vibe with consummate ease. She’s peddling the Reebok Classic which appeared for the first time in 1983 and remained popular through the ’90s.

The commercial has her do everything from try on slap-on bracelets to doing the Macarena.

Looking for a nostalgia trip, anyone?

Cardi B took on the 90s! Who do you think won?

Well, the brand tests Cardi’s knowledge of the 90s, a time she admits all she knew was ” goo goo ga ga”. In the video, she takes the Cardi B vs The 90’s Challenge”.

Weren’t we all practically saying “goo goo gaga” in the 90’s? But her slang knowledge was put to test and well, she killed it.

We’re sure this video has taken back to you to a time when fax machines were everywhere! Oh yes they were. And nope, I don’t know how to use one either :/

– Shikha Dhar


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