Bryan Adams’ unforgettable Indian memory? An elephant asleep in the middle of the road

By Bryan Durham - October 1, 2018

It happens only in India!

Bryan Adams’ unforgettable Indian memory? An elephant asleep in the middle of the road
Everybody has a favourite Bryan Adams memory. Maybe you attended one of his Indian concerts. Maybe you’ve sung Summer Of 69 so many times you can never forget the lyrics. Maybe he’s been an indelible part of your growing years. Whatever your reason, it ain’t too late to grab a ticket to his upcoming Ultimate Tour, brought to India by ENIL.

Adams will embark on a five-day, five-city India tour between October 9-14, spanning cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. The Ultimate Tour will see him perform material from his 14th studio album, featuring new track as well as his biggest hits from his back-catalogue, 21 tracks guaranteed to capture the true essence of hitmaker’s celebrated career. Expect to hear hits like ‘Run To You’, ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’, ‘Summer of ’69’, ‘Cuts Like A Knife’, ‘Heaven’, ‘When You’re Gone’ , ‘Cloud Number Nine’, ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’, ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman’, ’18 Till I Die’ as well as ‘Ultimate Love’ and ‘Please Stay’.

We sent over a few questions to Bryan and received his replies in time…

Something about your previous trips to India you’ll never forget?
On my first trip to India, there were no cars to collect us, so my guitarist Keith Scott and I got into a taxi from the airport. The suspension was broken in the car so we leaned over the seat to watch where we were going. Along the way, we had to stop because an elephant had gone to sleep in the middle of the road. That story would not happen anywhere else in the world… welcome to India.

Which is your favourite city in India?
I’m seeing some new ones on this tour. With each trip I’ve made to India, I have seen more of her, and she never disappoints.

If you were to write a song about India, what would you write about?
It would be a love song, for sure!

Favourite Indian instrument? Can you play it?
The sitar. I could probably make a noise with it.

Summer of 69 vs. Summer of 2019 (if you were to rewrite the chorus, what would the lyrics be?)
These are the best days of my life!

What do you do when you’re not making music/touring/performing?
I swim a lot. That’s what I like to do!

Go-to outfit to go out? Go-to outfit for the stage?
Jeans, shoes, T-shirt/polo shirt.

What are your thoughts on the worldwide hip-hop takeover?
There are artists that will last for a long time, and there are artists that are shooting stars and burn bright for a moment. That’s the way it is. I’m more like one of those space stations that floats along and every now and then, an astronaut pops out and says hi.

There comes a time in an artist’s life when they feel they should quit. Like nothing is working for them anymore. Did you face such a hurdle and how did you overcome it?
I think I handled everything okay. I had a laugh. It was great. I had really good people with me and we had a lot of fun — it was an incredibly good time. The pressure is on to deliver, but I think the key to all of it is being able to retain your sense of humour. If you laugh with it and at it, you’ll make it through.

One Indian celebrity you’ve kept in touch with? Priyanka Chopra
Favorite international collaboration? Tina Turner
Your favourite song to sing live? Go Down Rockin’
Best songwriter of today? Chris Martin
Which rapper would you collaborate with today? Drake
Favourite album of all time? Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon
Snapchat or Instagram? Instagram


Tickets are available through

October 9 – Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad
October 11– Hitex City, Hyderabad
October 12 – Jio Gardens, Mumbai
October 13 – Ozone Urbana, Bengaluru
October 14 – Leisure Valley Open Ground, New Delhi


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