After Bruno Mars, Shalmali Kholgade guns for Justin Timberlake next

By Bryan Durham - March 12, 2018

After Bruno Mars, Shalmali Kholgade guns for Justin Timberlake next

Shalmali Kholgade is in seventh heaven at the moment. The multi-talented performer’s dance submission for Bruno Mars’ #FridayFinesse challenge was selected this week and she can’t believe it!

In fact, she shared the news on her social media accounts, fangirling about it just like the rest of us would, were we selected. And she isn’t shy about admitting that. In fact, the artist wears her love for other artists’ music on her sleeve, cheering from the frontlines, if she can.

We caught up with her last night for a quick Q&A. Here’s how it went….
First off, congratulations on Bruno Mars choosing your submission for #FridayFinesse. What do you like best about the track, Finesse (Remix) ft Cardi B?
My favourite feature of this track is how amazing it makes me feel every time I hear it. The lyrics exude such effortless swag! It’s meant to uplift you no matter what.

You mentioned that you will be watching Bruno live in HK. If you get a chance to meet him backstage, maybe convince him to make a trip to India?
I don’t think I’ll need to meet him in person to convince him to make a trip to India. I’ll start working on that now through social media. Also, I don’t think I want to “meet” Bruno Mars backstage. I want to only see him and know him as an audience. As a fan.

Your fav Bruno Mars track so far?
Versace on the Floor.

Your thoughts on Cardi B…
I haven’t heard her music as much yet. I’d like to give it more time before making an opinion of it.

You do post a lot of choreographed pieces on social media. How did this one materialise?
Well.. ever since my new Live Act came into action, I’ve tried to keep it interesting for my squad by doing small activities. These things are educational for us. We study the style, the technique – both musical and dance along the way. A musician friend of mine, Raj Pandit, intimated me of FinesseFridays and I just jumped at it !

Who’s in your dance crew? What steps did you finally go with?
The 4 stunners – Simran Duggal, Riya Duggal, Neha Tawde and Pratiksha Kale are in most of my videos. These are the ladies who sing and dance with me on stage. Shazeb Shaikh, our Choreographer and dance mentor taught us a cool old school routine for Finesse !

How long did you guys practise before recording the piece?
We practised for 2 weeks before shooting the video at 6:30am on a Saturday morning.

Would you rather take your chances on winning a Grammy for a duet with Bruno Mars or getting a chance to feature in a music video with him (like Freida Pinto did)?
Grammy for a duet with Bruno Mars. Any day.

The next challenge you’ll accept will be from…
Justin Timberlake. Before you know it.. you’re gonna find a fun video inspired by JT on my YouTube channel.


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