Bom Diggy singer Zack Knight is back with a ‘Thumka’

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - August 6, 2018

Bom Diggy singer Zack Knight is back with a ‘Thumka’

Zack Knight, British-Pakistani singer, best known for his 2017 single ‘Bom Diggy’, is back with his new release, Thumka.

The song starts like every music video ever, seriously. Cool guy getting out of an expensive car, the camera focusing on his extravagant shoes and then enters a girl, who leaves him ‘shooketh’. Then he tries flirting with the girl, eventually winning her in the process and she gets into his car with him. Story over.

If we focus on the vocals, it’s a catchy song with Punjabi and English vocals by the two singers. The music is decent, but not something you can groove to in a party or a club, which is a negative. Decent lyrics and an attractive music video (all thanks to the abundance of pretty girls), this song might just work out.

This song is sung, composed and penned by Zack Knight, with guest vocals by Ayesha Mughal and additional lyrics by Am Fankaar.

Watch its video here:



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