‘Bloom’ isn’t about the flowers at all

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - June 8, 2018

‘Bloom’ isn’t about the flowers at all

Troye Sivan‘s new music video is an experience to be had!

Pride Month gets an applause-worthy start with Troye Sivan’s music video for Bloom, and we couldn’t be any prouder.

This fashionable music video directed by Bardia Zeinali is truly a work of art. “‘No’ is not in his vocabulary!” Zeinali told Vogue about Sivan, who collaborated with makeup artist James Kaliardos and hairstylist Jawara for the various styles that Troye rocks in the music video.

The song starts off to a close-up of singing bright-red painted lips. Troye’s. When his face is revealed, his cheeks are painted with a rosy blush, and his makeup puts most artists to shame.

This song is a thoughtful and powerful voice for the LGBT community, who not only adores Troye for his songs, but also for the way he professes himself without any shyness. Sivan has proved himself a non gender-biased beauty and a risk-taker. “Bloom” surely adds a new and bolder page to his book.


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