Beyonce and Jay Z will give you free concert tickets for life, but first…

By Bryan Durham - February 1, 2019

Ever wanted to attend a Beyoncé-Jay Z concert for free? FOR LIFE? Well, we’re going to tell you how to get on that gravy train, but first…

They want you to go vegan.

The couple took to Instagram recently to announce the news to promote ‘The Greenprint Project’ which has been encouraging people to go vegan.

And if you’re the type to go like, “Nah, that’s too big an ask. I’ll pass and pay up”, understand that you don’t have to go full vegan to be part of this “deal”.

All you gotta do is limit your meat intake and incorporate more vegan substitutes and plant-based meals in your diets.

The Greenprint Project is linked to a book published by Beyoncé’s trainer, Marco Bogus, for which the singer herself and Jay Z wrote the introduction.

“What is your Greenprint?” Beyoncé captioned the post, which proposed plant-based breakfasts and Meatless Mondays as two ways to participate in the environmentally conscious giveaway.

To enter the contest, all fans have to do is enter their name and email on the site. The winner will receive a ticket to one concert per Beyoncé or Jay-Z tour for “life,” though the site specifies it’s actually for a maximum of 30 years. A winner will be selected at random on May 22.

Beyoncé’s followers were immediately game for the activity, sharing their hilarious reactions to the news on Twitter.


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